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Free Your iPod with iJet Remote Controls and Extenders!

Although the iPod is usually thought of as a device that you carry in-hand or within easy reach, there are plenty of times when it's not so conveniently located.

What if you listen to your iPod when it's connected to your stereo at home—or sitting in your car's glove compartment, or attached to a set of portable speakers in a hotel room—and you want to be able to control the music when your iPod's out of reach?

Wireless iPod Control

You need a wireless remote control and iJet produces the best and highest rated wireless remotes available today.

With iJet you can hook up you iPod or iPhone to your home stereo and control it from the upstairs, downstairs, the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, or even outdoors!

Control your iPod or iPhone while running, working out or riding your motorcycle without wires.

iJet Says Enjoy Your Music!

Enjoy your music with freedom and security as you can store your iPod or iPhone in a backpack, purse or glove box.

iJet is the Perfect Solution for Integrating Your iPod or iPhone With Your Home Stereo.

The iJet technology uses a powerful RF signal to send its commands through walls, floors and around corners from up to 150 ft away.

BuyiJet.com has the sole rights to use and develop around the patent pass-through technology as in Extenders and Docking devices. If anyone manufactures products for resell with this pass-through technology without first obtaining permission from ABT, as Buyijet.com has, then you are in violation of this patent!