About BuyiJet.com

Our mission at BuyiJet.com is to reinforce integrity through our pursuit of excellence.

By creating an atmosphere that encourages thought provoking ideas in the area of iPod wireless control and accessories, we are set to offer greater ideals to our employees and our customers through effectiveness and satisfaction. This sense of accomplishment touches upon the need for identity, fulfillment and completeness, which are nurtured in this environment, enabling the law of growth to find its fulfillment.

Our goal is to further the fulfillment of a more complete lifestyle through the development of wireless products that are designed to perform at their highest level. As a result of this effort and vision, our products are positioned to fulfill the desire for quality in an ongoing effort to meet our customer's needs.

It is with this vision, that we are driven to also offer our customers our desire to meet their needs with world class service.

BuyiJet.com has the sole rights to use and develop around the patented pass-throught technology as in Extenders and Docking devices for iPods and alike. If anyone manufactures product for resell or buys product for resell from a company other then BuyiJet.com your are in violation of this patent!