Now that the Internet is easily accessible through our phones and tablets, the world of music is more wide open than ever. Assuming that you already have Spotify, and Pandora, we want to highlight a few of the iOS music apps that we use to discover new songs and artists.


On this free app, users can select two adjectives (for example, "chill" and "fun") and 8tracks will then show a list of user-generated playlists that match those terms.


Have you ever heard a snippet of a song you liked, but then didn't catch the artist or title? It's infuriating to know that you won't be able to find out what the song was, since you have no means of looking it up. With Shazam, when you hear a song you like, you can have the app "listen" to the song and identify it. Even if you're in a noisy environment or only catch a small portion of the song, Shazaam can be surprisingly accurate. Once you've identified a song you like, Shazaam offers you the chance to buy it on iTunes.


SoundHound is similar to Shazam, but we've found that it can be better at recognizing humming and non-spoken vocals.


This app is modeled after the default iOS music function, but has a better queuing system -- great for generating playlists for your next party -- and makes it easier to post updates with customized messages to Facebook or Twitter. Not bad for $1.99. 


YouTube's channel for showing music videos now has its own app. Sure, you can use it to watch "Applause" more times than you are comfortable admitting, but Vevo also recommends new artists based on the videos you've watched and rated highly.


SoundCloud is definitely the eclectic offering of this bunch. It's frequently used by aspiring artists and DJs, so it's an interesting place for unusual remixes or other tracks that, for better or for worse, will probably never make it onto Top 40 radio.


What helps Songza stand apart from the crowd is that you can tell it what kind of music you want to hear when. Tell it when you're at work and it can auto-select play pump-up music, and when you get home, it will transition to calmer, soothing songs.

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