I’m sure by now everyone is well aware of the uproar surrounding AT&T’s decision to restrict the use of Facetime over their cellular network. Well that uproar has turned into action as a petition is in the works to combat AT&T’s decision which many claim goes against Net Neutrality laws. AT&T has defended their statement by saying that they are not bound by these laws and have full intent to restrict the pre-installed apps functionality.

The reasoning behind seems to be profit driven as many have pointed out the requirement to sign up for a more expensive mobile plan to be able to utilize FaceTime to a larger degree. Due to FaceTime being a pre-installed app, AT&T has apparently found a legal loophole that has informed this decision. This statement has been issued by AT&T supporting their restricted use of their cellular network which goes beyond FaceTime and includes such applications features like Google Plus's Google Hangouts and apps like Skype where cellular network data is used to facilitate video chatting over 3g.