iExtend V2 SLIMiPhone cases can be a blessing in disguise. While they offer protection and personalization to your iPhone, they can become cumbersome, especially when you must remove the case in order to access the device’s plug-ins. However, with the iExtend V2 Dock Extender, BuyiJet offers an easily affordable solution to the problem, allowing quick access to all of the iPhone’s ports without having to remove the case! It works perfectly with Otterbox and Lifeproof cases.

The iExtend V2 is BuyiJet’s second installment of the iExtend, and this new version is much sturdier and is surely a durable, long-lasting investment. Also available is the iExtend SLIM V2, which has all the functionality of the original but with a slimmer fit. It’s even available in six different colors. The iExtend passes through both the headphone and charging ports, and it’s easily used in the car or at home, for charging your device or listening to music.


The iExtend V2 is a must have for all Otterbox and Lifeproof owners, and with BuyiJet’s affordable prices and superior design, it’s no question where to find the dock extender that will unlock the true convenience of your iPhone or iPod.