iWatch Artist RenditionApple has a long and storied history of innovation and invention.  The Apple, the Macintosh, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, Apple TV, and the iPad are a few of their revolutionary products that have been introduced over the past few decades.  What could possibly be next?

A plethora of articles have been written in the last couple weeks about Apple's "secret" iWatch that it has been developing.  A litany of artist renditions have surfaced on the internet, and every tech writer and industry analyst has shared their opinions on what the device could be and should be.  Rumor has it that the watch consists of a flexible piece of glass, will run on the iOS, and sync with other Apple devices.

Appleinsider reports that the company is developing a wearable Movement Monitoring Device, or MMD, that would measure the association of time and movement, temperature, humidity, and altitude among other metrics; and also an Event Monitoring Device, or EMD,  which would monitor pulse, stress, chemical changes, and heart rate of the user.  Such a device would give a snowboarder or motorcycle rider a deeper glimpse into how their bodies react in certain situations, with second by second analysis.

With its history of revolutionary products one could presume that the iWatch will contain some of the MMD and EMD applications so that the iWatch could do everything a fancy digital watch could do, track the users external and internal environments, and perhaps function as a phone or MP3 player when coupled with an earpiece.

The iWatch already has competition as Google is preparing to introduce its ‘Glass’ wearable device.  It will be interesting to see how the next generation of technology unfolds with these two industry juggernauts constantly trying to outshine one another!

Images: venturebeat.com