Wireless Presentation

You've been staying at the office until after dark, working overtime on weekends in order to be ready for the big presentation.  You've rehearsed over and over, edited a few speaking points, and removed a slide.  But it still feels like there is something missing....In order to be fully prepared, what more could you possibly need?  The answer is iJet's iNAV Wireless remote. 

Plug it in to your iPad, iPod, or iPhone, whichever device contains your presentation, and enlighten your audience with confidence and ease.   A truly good presentation has nothing to do with the information on the slides, but how engaged the presenter is with his or her audience, and how interested the audience is during and after the presentation. 

Without the iNAV, you have to go back to your computer after each slide and press the space bar.  There is a lull in the presentation and it gives the crowd an opportunity to disconnect and let their minds wander.  With the iNAV wireless remote, you can change the slides from anywhere within 150 feet!  Streamline your presentation by getting rid of those momentary lulls, appear more relaxed and confident in your delivery, and remain engaged with the crowd for the entire duration.

Perfect for students and professionals, iJet's iNAV wireless remote will make your next presentation a breeze!

Images: Act Now, RennTeam Stuttgart