Snowboarder with iPod remoteNext time you are preparing for a trip up the mountain to snowboard or ski, do your self a huge favor and make sure to bring iJet's new iNAV Boss V2 Wireless Remote.  It will attach to your steering wheel so you can change tracks without taking your eyes off the winding mountain road, and then clip on to a lanyard so you can take it with you on the slopes.

How many times have you been carving through freshly fallen powder and wanted to change the track you were listening to, but been apprehensive because you didn't want to unzip your snow jacket, dig through your pockets for your iPod, and take off your gloves so the iPod controls will react.  Your fingers were freezing because of the frigid mountain air, the iPod felt like a frozen metal block, and you had to take off your goggles and squint to see which track to play next.

iJet iNAV Boss V2

The iNAV Boss V2 will make your experience on the mountain much more enjoyable.  Simply attach the remote to the lanyard that can hang around your neck or safely stuff it inside your jacket.  The oversized buttons are easy to read, and can be operated with gloves on.  Next time you want to change tracks, simply grab the remote and skip through songs, or put it on shuffle.  Without having to remove a single article of snow gear you can control your music to provide a soundtrack as magnificent as the view from the top of the mountain.