wwdc2012Yesterday, as you may be aware was the annual WWDC in which Apple unveiled updates and new releases which are so eagerly waited on each year. As some have pointed out, there’s nothing too groundbreaking; the usual tinkers and refinements we’ve come to expect. However, let’s not let the naysayers get the best of us. Yes, your recently purchased Macbook is already rusting with the new Macbook retina display upgrade, yet the flash date updates are impressive and iOS6 is certainly something to get excited about. In this year’s keynote address, Tim Cook lead us through plenty of exciting roll outs to our favorite mobile operating system.

Siri on Steroids

A lot of these upgrades are focused around Siri, integrating the voice assistant application with third party apps, giving it a greater range of control over your device. For example, Siri can now be used for dictation, utilizing voice to text more effectively. Siri will also be more thorough with its assistive functions, reminding you of missed calls and providing more extensive results when prompting the app for information . Siri will be getting more car friendly as well, with the feature Eyes Free, which prevents the screen from locking up. Along with updates to the map application (more to come) your iOS device just became an even more efficient GPS alternative. Also, Siri will now be available with the new iPad.

Some Fun Features

Apart from these Siri improvements, other notable updates include Facebook integration (photos contacts and calenders), FaceTime over your cellular network and photo stream social sharing, which kind of contradicts the Facebook integration huh? A crowd favorite which has been strangely overlooked is a “Do Not Disturb” function which allows users to restrict or limit phone calls and other forms of communication at select hours, allowing you to go “under the radar” so to say.

Apple's Map Application ios6-maps-devices

One of the more shocking announcements has to do with Apple’s decision to do away with Google Maps, establishing their own new Map application. Of such, the finer features include 3D, turn by turn navigation through Siri integration and nearby places, tentatively powered by Yelp. The new map application will also provide real time traffic updates and other alerts. Coupled with the impressive 3D model, this could be a game changer.

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