As September 12th draws ever nearer, news and developments concerning the next Apple iPhone and the latest iOS mobile operating system iOS 6 are bountiful. Where to begin really? Well, for starters that terrible YouTube app that came stock with all previous iOS releases will curse our phones no more. Yes, the same app which has been a staple of our iPhone's since 2007 and has personally caused me a lot of stress. Makes sense considering the Google powered YouTube app has not kept up with the Joneses you can say. No Multitasking! Well, with airplay yes. Thankfully, Apple picked up the slack for Google which many cite as the cause of this; Apple and Google's falling out. It's evident with this move that Apple is moving away from the influence of Google, even removing the Google powered map application in favor of their own navigation application in this latest update. Surely this isn't the most important update and another 3rd party will fill the void or we'll just use the mobile YouTube website which is typically the case already.

One potential announcement at the September 12th Apple event of a lot more importance is the speculation on the new iPhone 5's display and size of course. The iPhone 4s maxes out at 960 x 640 pixel display whereas projections on the iPhone 5 are at 640 x 1136 currently. Notice that only the height is affected as the projected near four inch high screen is all that will likely change. The fine people at 9to5mac tested the possible reason for this on a iOS simulator which revealed that the new iOS and iPhone screen are scaled to fit five complete rows of iPhone application icons as opposed to the current four.


Last but not least, there are some more indications at the more utility driven features of iOS 6. We've already touched upon some in our WWDC Recap. There aren't many yet but one that has been confirmed that many will benefit from is the "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" feature in your iPhone's settings which permits applications to access your 3g whenever your iPhone happens to join a rogue network (likely a phone carriers), in which case those three expansive semi circles are misleading as you're really not connected to anything. Another one of those well Apple, why hasn't this been available prior features. That's all for now. Until more news and developments on all this surface of course.