iPad ControlsIt is no secret that Google has been developing a self-driving car.  The company has said that they will be available to consumers before 2020, and a handful of states have legalized the technology for testing purposes.  Currently, a human passenger is required and the government has been cautious to let the technology proliferate to ensure the safety of human drivers, jaywalkers and stray dogs, and drivers who might bend the rules of the road.

A group of Russian tech enthusiasts have made their own foray into advancing the future of driving by rigging a Opel Vectra to be steered remotely by an iPad.  The group of friends were inspired by the James Bond film, "Tomorrow Never Dies", in which Bond controls his BMW from the backseat with his smartphone.  This isn't the first time we have written about the future of technology on this blog, but this is different as the idea was dreamt up by a group of friends trying to have fun, instead of a large corporation with an eleven-figure R&D budget.   

The 1990 Opel Vectra had quite a few mechanical issues that had to be addressed before the group was able to install the advanced technology.  The system that they have devised has different components that steer, accelerate and brake, and switch gears, which makes the system universal for any car with an automatic transmission with a straight-line shift.  It will be interesting to see how many different systems are inspired by this one, and how the future of driving evolves. 


Image: Red Hot Russia