motorcycleEveryone has gloves, a helmet, and riding jacket, but what products are out there that can take your ride to the next level? 

Motorcycles do not bring all the luxury and amenities that most automobiles have, such as armrests or cup holders.  Long rides can be physically demanding, and a cold refreshing drink is the first thing most people want after a long journey.  CamelBak's M.U.L.E. NV hydration system allows you to stay refreshed for the entire ride.  It has a sleek design and a ventilated back panel that will keep the weight off your body, and its waterproof pockets are specifically designed to hold your electronics and valuables, and keep your treasured belongings safe from the elements.

If you commute on your bike, you might already own a Crampbuster throttle control.   If you don't, it's never too late.  Nobody wants to keep a firm grip around the throttle for their entire trip.  The Crampbuster comes in many different sizes and easily clips on to any throttle.   It functions similar to a cruise control, but allows more manual control for the rider.   Do your hands, wrists, and arms a favor and check it out.

BuyiJet's iNAV Boss V2 will allow you to control your music like never before.   Pause, play, rewind, skip ahead, or put your music on shuffle by using the remote that clips to your handlebars.   No more fumbling through your pockets for your iPod with one hand steering the bike.  No more having to ride through a depressing song until it's over.  The BuyiJet's iNAV will easily attach to your handlebars and allow you to control your music safely and conveniently.

If you are sharing the road with friends, Cardo Systems' scala rider G9 will allow you to easily communicate.  The bluetooth headsets can connect with eight other riders within a mile radius.  Each set can be programmed for a specific person, so just say the name of the person you'd like to talk to, get connected, and never worry about having too many voices muddling the background.

Document your next adventure with the GoPRO Hero 3 Black Edition.  The waterproof, super lightweight camera can hold its own against the elements, and won't weigh you down.  The company makes mounts for motorcycle helmets, handlebars, and a chest harness, so you can record from where it feels most comfortable.   The professional grade camera has 12 megapixel, cinema-like video quality, and can take 30 photos per second.   Share your ride experiences with friends and family, and never forget any aspect of your expeditions.

motorcycle accessories

Whether you ride your bike every day to work, or if you are a weekend joy rider, there has never been a better time to customize your ride.  Modern advances in technology coupled with rising demand for motorcycles has produced some wonderful amenities for bikers, with many more to come!


Images: 2zars, Biker Law Blog