An iPad mini placed over an iPad


With the release of the iPad mini, Apple enthusiasts can breathe easy in the fact that this new device has received glowing reviews all around the web for its bit-sized power and convenience. However, many iPad owners are scratching their head at the new, miniaturized device, viewing it simply as a slightly smaller version of the iPad. We want to clarify a few key differences between the two Apple products, and how each one might be best suited to fit your technological needs.


First off, the iPad is a tablet, while the iPad mini is closer to being an eReader, which means they’re designed for inherently different functions. While the iPad rivals the power of lighter laptops, the iPad mini is more on par with the Kindle Fire or the Nook, although tech reviews have claimed the iPad mini is a pretty stout machine compared to its eReader competition. If you’re still unfamiliar with the differences, each are catered to a few common uses. For instance, the eReader was initially introduced in order to read eBooks, because of this, they didn’t necessarily need to be very powerful (or very large for that matter). They’ve grown more flexible over the past few years, now allowing users to surf the web, use email and play games. The new iPad mini expands that even further, coming along with the plethora of downloadable games and apps that Apple is famous for, and it’s a pretty capable device for watching video as well.
A breakdown of the differences between the iPad and the iPad miniAnother big advantage iPad mini owners have been happy about is it’s light-weight design and conveniently small design. While the new, bulkier iPad can weigh you down, the mini is perfect for when you’re on the go.On the other hand, the iPad belongs to a whole different family. Tablets have surged in popularity, and with that they’ve gone taken the place of laptops for many. While the iPad is still considered the cream of the crop when it comes to usability and power, new touch-screen laptops, known as ultrabooks may soon replace them.
There is still dispute over whether or not it’s practical to own both an iPad and an iPad mini, but that’s your prerogative. They’re both well-designed devices that overlap in many instances, and many owners claim that you have to hold each one in your hands before really appreciating the benefits and capability of each.