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BuyiJet's Holiday Sale is Here!

Friday, December 14, 2012 12:09:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread Christmas cheer throughout your decked halls than your music with the wireless control offered by one of BuyiJet’s easy to use products. Give the gift that keeps on giving you hands-free control of your iPod, iPad or iPhone, with it’s radio-frequency technology allowing control of your device from up to 150 feet away, even through floors and walls, there’s no product that tops it!

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What distinguishes the iPad mini from the iPad?

Thursday, December 6, 2012 1:37:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

An iPad mini placed over an iPad


With the release of the iPad mini, Apple enthusiasts can breathe easy in the fact that this new device has received glowing reviews all around the web for its bit-sized power and convenience. However, many iPad owners are scratching their head at the new, miniaturized device, viewing it simply as a slightly smaller version of the iPad. We want to clarify a few key differences between the two Apple products, and how each one might be best suited to fit your technological needs.

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IR vs RF Wireless iPod Remotes

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 2:38:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

RF Signal with iPod RemotesIt seems these days that there are more abbreviations, acronyms and new words being used in the names and descriptions of mobile devices. Oh you want 3G with WiFi and a 9-Pin dock that can be paired via Bluetooth to your car or use a RF remote? Well that may be a selling point for some but for others this can be confusing. In the tech-jargon surrounding iPod accessories specifically, you'll probably come across terms like IR versus RF technology. What makes them different and which choice is best for you? 

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3 iNAV Wireless Remotes to Match Your Lifestyle

Thursday, October 18, 2012 11:08:19 AM America/Los_Angeles


Steering Wheel Mounted iNAVThe iNav Boss V2 now comes in three different variations, each catering to a unique use of this wireless remote for iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Already, users are finding a variety of creative ways to use or iNav. Here are a few popular uses for each one.

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Songkick iPhone App

Thursday, September 27, 2012 4:10:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

      While the Songkick iPhone app is by no means new, it’s worth taking a look at the application and the great service it provides. The app is a mobile version of Songkick, a website that tracks tour dates for your favorite artists in your immediate area and elsewhere. The impressive novelty of Songkick’s iPhone app is that it will automatically scan the artists on your iPhone, iPad or iPod once installed and quickly provide the results all within the application. As you add or subtract artists you can then rescan your music in the settings tab, populating the list again to make sure no concerts are overlooked. This is especially useful to keep up with your favorite artists and not miss out on a wonderful concert experience. You can also go into the “Locations” tab and look at a list of other shows in the area that may be worth checking out and add nearby cities for further concert going possibilities.

     The app is fairly simple in design albeit effective in organizing your artists and the dates they’re playing in a chronological fashion on the home screen or “Concerts” tab. There is also a calendar view and you can add concert you plan to attend as a further reminder. Lastly, there is a “Just Added” tab which alerts you to news surrounding particular artists and their tours which is also viewable in the “Artists” tab. This tab allows you to see full details of the artist’s tour and provides the option to “stop tracking” that artist which comes in handy for those artists you don’t particularly care to see or the random artists in your collection. While many have criticized the application initially including all artists by default, this is a rather empty criticism considering the applications utility. I’d ignore the naysayers in this case as the app is very useful in my book.

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The iPhone 5 Is Here And Much More

Friday, September 14, 2012 10:21:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

Well the day has came and went and there weren’t many surprises after all. Much of the speculations and estimations proved to be true with just the fine print being revealed. Where to begin? Well, of course there was the unveiling of the iPhone 5 which can be pre-ordered now. Yet, much more was unleashed at Apple’s media event the other day.

The most anticipated announcement and most important of course was the revelation of the iPhone 5 and the associated improvements. To say that the new iPhone got an overhaul is a bit of an understatement. Well as expected, the iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch 1136-by-640-pixel resolution display which facilitates 5 rows of icons. Apart from the improved screen, the iPhone 5 will be much faster than its predecessor with an A6 chip. Also, expect your pictures to look better and your FaceTime video chats as well as both the front and back camera’s received revamps.

That’s not all that’s changed. Another major speculation was the shrinking of the standard 30 pin which indeed did happen. The iPhone 5 will come equipped with a 9 pin “lightning” dock connector which is 80% smaller than the 30 pin dock connector. Don’t worry though you can still use your old iPhone accessories, especially BuyiJet’s as Apple has released an adapter which runs $30 to connect 30 pin accessories to the iPhone 5’s 9 pin dock connector.

The oddly shaped futuristic looking headphones that were leaked proved to be true as well. Coined EarPods, the apple headphones replace the old timey headphones with a new and improved design that should prove to be a nice change. They will come standard with the new iPods that were announced as well.

Speaking of iPods, the whole line of iPods, the 5th generation including the Nano have been vastly enhanced. First off they will be much lighter and thinner than previous models and feature the same high quality retina display as the iPhone 5. They will be slightly slower with an A5 chip but that’s to be expected. They will also feature the improved front and back camera for pictures on the go and clean and clear video chatting.

Lastly, iOS6 will be released September 6th and be available for download on your iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, the new iPad, iPad 2 and 4th generation iPod Touch’s. Some of the finer features include enhanced Siri function, full screen safari browsing, and the passbook application.

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Apple's September 12th Media Event is Almost Here

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 2:33:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today Apple sent out invitations to the much anticipated and speculated upon September 12th media event. Much has been discussed in the days leading up to this occasion and it’s really no surprise at this point that the iPhone 5 will likely be the centerpiece of next Wednesday’s gathering. As even pointed out, if you look at the advert, under “It’s almost here.” and the number 12, the impression of the number 5 is revealed in the reflection; furthur supporting the near obvious. Of course, surprises may still be in order. With all the talk and estimations however it seems it’ll be hard for Apple to shock and amaze.

Many have focused their attention on the design and size of the new iPhone. The iPhone 5 is expected to be sleeker and have a 4 inch screen. As of late, mockups and simulations have attempted to glimpse into the near future. Quite a few proposed features of the iPhone 5 have found their way to the web as well. Recently, images have surfaced of possible redesigned headphones to accompany the new iPhone. The prototype's enclosed design is quite interesting and certainly would support the iPhone 5’s freshness. Apart from revelations concerning the new iPhone, there will likely be more iOS 6 features revealed and perhaps the next line of iPods. Well, we’ve all been patient thus far and now the fateful day is only a week away. On September 12th, all of our questions, conjectures and wishes will finally be settled.

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AT&T's Statement Concerning FaceTime Stirs Petition

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:56:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

I’m sure by now everyone is well aware of the uproar surrounding AT&T’s decision to restrict the use of Facetime over their cellular network. Well that uproar has turned into action as a petition is in the works to combat AT&T’s decision which many claim goes against Net Neutrality laws. AT&T has defended their statement by saying that they are not bound by these laws and have full intent to restrict the pre-installed apps functionality.

The reasoning behind seems to be profit driven as many have pointed out the requirement to sign up for a more expensive mobile plan to be able to utilize FaceTime to a larger degree. Due to FaceTime being a pre-installed app, AT&T has apparently found a legal loophole that has informed this decision. This statement has been issued by AT&T supporting their restricted use of their cellular network which goes beyond FaceTime and includes such applications features like Google Plus's Google Hangouts and apps like Skype where cellular network data is used to facilitate video chatting over 3g.

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Our Wireless Remotes and Clips Are Bringing the Noise To Motorcyclists

Friday, August 17, 2012 3:49:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

As of late, we’ve alluded to the fact that our remote clip set can be used to mount our wireless iPod remote control on your motorcycle’s handlebars or bicycle’s for that matter. It’s wonderful that motorcyclists have adopted our clips and wireless iPod remotes for their aural enjoyment while cruising. Here’s a picture that demonstrates just how the remotes and clips can be utilized as such. 

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iOS 6 and Speculations on the New iPhone 5 Screen Size

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 4:51:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

As September 12th draws ever nearer, news and developments concerning the next Apple iPhone and the latest iOS mobile operating system iOS 6 are bountiful. Where to begin really? Well, for starters that terrible YouTube app that came stock with all previous iOS releases will curse our phones no more. Yes, the same app which has been a staple of our iPhone's since 2007 and has personally caused me a lot of stress. Makes sense considering the Google powered YouTube app has not kept up with the Joneses you can say. No Multitasking! Well, with airplay yes. Thankfully, Apple picked up the slack for Google which many cite as the cause of this; Apple and Google's falling out. It's evident with this move that Apple is moving away from the influence of Google, even removing the Google powered map application in favor of their own navigation application in this latest update. Surely this isn't the most important update and another 3rd party will fill the void or we'll just use the mobile YouTube website which is typically the case already.

One potential announcement at the September 12th Apple event of a lot more importance is the speculation on the new iPhone 5's display and size of course. The iPhone 4s maxes out at 960 x 640 pixel display whereas projections on the iPhone 5 are at 640 x 1136 currently. Notice that only the height is affected as the projected near four inch high screen is all that will likely change. The fine people at 9to5mac tested the possible reason for this on a iOS simulator which revealed that the new iOS and iPhone screen are scaled to fit five complete rows of iPhone application icons as opposed to the current four.


Last but not least, there are some more indications at the more utility driven features of iOS 6. We've already touched upon some in our WWDC Recap. There aren't many yet but one that has been confirmed that many will benefit from is the "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" feature in your iPhone's settings which permits applications to access your 3g whenever your iPhone happens to join a rogue network (likely a phone carriers), in which case those three expansive semi circles are misleading as you're really not connected to anything. Another one of those well Apple, why hasn't this been available prior features. That's all for now. Until more news and developments on all this surface of course.

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