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10 Ways To Use A Wireless Remote For Your iPhone or iPod

Friday, August 3, 2012 5:18:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

When it comes to wireless remotes for your iPhone or iPod, many of their purported uses take some thought. Just how useful is a wireless remote after all? Well, our iNAV Boss V2 wireless remote wouldn’t be one of our top sellers if it had no practical use now would it? Below are 10 ways to use a wireless remote for your iPhone or iPod and iPad’s for that matter. From action sports to just a sunday family BBQ, we want you to get the most out of your wireless remote. And remember, our lanyards and clips help make this all the more efficient.

The most common use of a wireless iPhone remote is for playing your music without the hassle of digging through wherever your iPhone or iPod is stored. Be it in your pocket, backpack or connected to a music dock; save time and energy with your wireless remote. Also, these wireless remotes can interact with certain apple applications and some 3rd party iPhone apps bringing a whole new level of utility. That said, let’s look at some ideal uses of a wireless iPhone remote.

Hiking/Walking - Strap a lanyard around your neck and there’s that. No need for rummaging through those bulky packs.

Motorcycling/BMX Bicycling - Clip the remote to your handlebars for ease. Just be careful cruising.

At the Gym - If you have Bluetooth Headphones, go completely wireless.

Snowboarding - Our remotes are glove friendly. Wouldn’t want you catching frostbite.

BBQ - Control the soundtrack while Uncle Dave flips the burgers.

Cocktail Party - After moving the party inside keep the tunes going.

Car/Boat - Simple alternative to a dock. Smarter and Safer driving.

Home Audio - Not everyone is fortunate enough to have this set up but simply play skip and pause whenever you’d like.

Slideshows/Presentation - Show everyone those wonderful pictures you took on your last vacation or make your business and educational presentations a breeze.

Navigating iPhone Apps - These remotes will work with Pandora and many apps that have navigation features. This opens up even more possibilities.

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Another Siri Ad: This Time Martin Scorsese's "Busy Day" is alleviated by Siri

Friday, July 27, 2012 1:13:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

Well with the latest installment of Siri focused Apple television adverts, one thing is pretty certain. Apple is pushing Siri hard. They want the rest of us to believe that which they do. That Siri is the future, the answer even. A highly evolved form of artificial intelligence with the capacity to make our lives simpler and more productive. Sounds good to me. BUT can it deliver? Featuring a highly influential and recognizable person, perhaps the greatest living film director Martin Scorsese; the ad “Busy Day” in the pre established format demonstrates Siri’s’ purported and may I say life altering uses.

The ad begins with Martin or “Marty” as Siri so affably calls him. Yes, the same Marty that is responsible for Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, The Departed need I continue? in of all places a NYC taxi cab. Fitting right? Well like a true apple proponent, Marty places complete faith in Siri, allowing Siri to remind him of how his day is looking. Stripped of autonomy and will, Siri guides the show. Yet they are friends, confidants even, Marty blindly trusts the dear Siri. Once it is realized that there’s too much on Marty’s plate via Siri’s reminding, Marty retorts are you serious (siri-ous) a little apple pun why not? Siri then corrects him that she? is not allowed to be frivolous reinforcing the utility and efficiency of Siri.

Henceforth, Siri reorganizes Marty’s calendar and commitments based on his verbal directions. Siri is of course a free and efficient personal assistant right? Marty then mistakes a passerby on the street as a friend and checks with Siri to see if it is indeed Rick. It is not. Siri is impressive and innovative is the motto it seems. After such, Siri’s more practical use is demonstrated, advising and saving time in cases of bad traffic. Marty takes everything Siri says as pure truths and allows Siri to make his “Busy Day” all the more manageable. The ad ends with the words “Siri you’re going places” uttered by the very credible Martin Scorsese. Hey maybe Siri really is going places. Let’s just see.

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Now you can be an Easy Rider too

Friday, July 20, 2012 3:11:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Many people remember 1969’s iconic Easy Rider for its ultra cool soundtrack and of course the subversive undertones embodied in the “on the road” and counter cultural spirit of the film. It’s hard to even imagine the film without the music and vice versa, the two compliment each other so perfectly. A film professor of mine even credited Dennis Hopper and the film for unintentionally creating the music video. It could perhaps be the best example of aural and visual union in the history of American Cinema; perhaps cinema in general.

What else plays a pivotal role in the film however? Motorcycles, yes Motorcycles. What good would The Band’s “The Weight” be without playing over moving images of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper cruising the United States on their bikes. It just wouldn’t be the same and i’m sure everyone who has seen the film has wanted to be in that moment, riding a motorcycle through the desolation and beauty of America’s highways while immersed in the sound of the music. It’s no secret that motorcyclist enjoy their music while riding with our wireless iPod remote control and clip set which are the perfect conduits to enjoy a similar experience. So hop on your bike if you have one, mount the clips on your handlebar and safely control your music from your remote. Although you’re probably not as cool as Dennis Hopper feel free to pretend you are and most of all, be smart about it.

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Brewster: Socializing your Contacts

Thursday, July 12, 2012 3:17:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

Brewster-AppWith the growing number of social media iPhone apps taking off, there are bound to be some that hit their mark. That is just the case with Brewster, a brand new iPhone app that socializes your contacts, aggregating social profiles from primarily sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the Brewster's more impressive features include the ability to group contacts into lists, adding a personal touch and a favorite tab, which allows you to choose those you communicate with most frequently. You can also search by name, interest, locations, job titles, mutual contacts and more. From the application, you can access each friends profile which provides the option to call, text, or email; given that information is provided. Each of your contacts profiles also feature their profile pictures as well as basic information provided across their networks. Brewster and its sophisticated design certainly has the potential to replace your antiquated address book; a feat the application aims to accomplish.

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iPhone Apps: They Can Even Kill Vampires

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 3:09:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

iPhone apps can basically do anything these days. From regulating your blood pressure, accessing your PC remotely or any of those apps that just make your daily life more enjoyable and productive. Whether it’s entertaining, enlightening or just downright mind blowing, iPhone apps have certainly shaken the world up a bit. It’s only natural for television writers to catch wind of these capabilities and write the marvels of iPhone technology into plots and recurring narrative arcs. That’s just the case with this season’s True Blood. In the past couple of episodes of the show’s fifth season, a major plot point is the two leading vampire’s Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) lives being in the hands of an iPhone app. “The Authority” could in a press of a button drive a stake through their hearts via a contraption rigged around their chests. In the True Blood world, this may even be the simplest approach to killing a vampire. In time we’ll see what lies in store for them but in the meantime, an iPhone app controls their fate.

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BuyiJet's iExtend V2 Dock Extender: Solve your iPhone and iPod Case woes

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 3:59:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Have you just bought a bulky case for your iPhone or iPod that has inadvertently made your favorite Apple accessories nearly useless? Well, lucky for you there’s a simple and affordable solution. Our iExtend V2 Dock Extender will ease your rage and reconcile your love affair with your fancy albeit disruptive case. BuyiJet’s slim 30 pin connection extender will allow accessories to fit without having to remove your case each time. Just connect the extender to your device and the select accessory to your extender and problem solved. Included as well is a 3.5mm adapter for connecting audio based accessories while using the extender. Encased in a durable plastic shell and in jet black, the iExtend V2 Dock Extender is currently in stock.

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BuyiJet's June Summer Sale

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 4:24:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Now that the month is half way over, have you taken adavantage of BuyiJet's June Summer Sale? Just enter the promo code June5Sale at checkout and you'll save 5% off of your entire purchase.  Yes, that includes the all new iJet iNAV Boss V2 remote control with a complimentary lanyard.  Don't miss out on this hot item.  Be sure to check out our selection of Extenders, Docks and iPhone Cases as well.

Hurry though as the sale ends soon.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012 – The Tech Toys that he wants (plus a little bacon)

Friday, June 15, 2012 11:21:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

fathers-day-buyijet-2012Father’s Day, Sunday, May 17th, is quickly approaching and if you’re like us then you’re wondering what you can possibly get the man that’s given you everything as an annual penance. I, myself have been giving my father a solid-colored polo shirt every year since I was 16. The man refuses to wear anything without a polo collar and has an aversion to stripes and plaid. However this year we will be expanding our horizons to the golf course.

Even though, I’m going with a more traditional option for my gift this year; extensive gift research was still done. Here’s a “What to Get Dad” list for the Techy Dad. Some non-techy gifts are also included since Bacon seems to be adored by all.


Portal Bookend

portalbookendPortal Bookends - $29.99

I don’t know about you but in my house Star Trek time was sacred. This seems like a nice addition for Dad’s Man Cave.






iRobot Roomba

irobotroombaiRobot Roomba – Pet Series $329.99 

My dad cannot stop talking about his Roomba and how amazing it is. He’s especially proud that he got the pet hair version. As you grow older you will learn that your parents replace you with animals. My father’s new child is a yellow Labrador.




BuyiJet iExtend SLIM V2 Dock Extender

buyijet-slimiExtend SLIM V2 Dock Extender - $11.97 (June 5% OFF PROMO)

Have you ever had an iPod, iPhone or iPad where the audio jack on the bottom is covered up by a connected device? Or your device’s case is blocking you from plugging in another accessory? This iExtend SLIM V2 Dock Extender, and it’s slim design allows you to fit it with any iPod/iTouch/iPhone and case/dock combination. Also includes an audio connection adapter.



Vosges Mo Bacon Bar

Vosges Mo Bacon Bar
- $7.50

This chocolate bar never fails and all Dads’ love Bacon, right? Vosges is a very high quality chocolate company that prides itself on exotic combinations. The sweetness of milk chocolate combined with alderwood sea salt work together to make the hickory smoke uncured bacon bits shine. We prefer the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate version.





Father Food Groups Plate

fatherplateFather Food Groups Plate - $5.95 each

Because Dad’s really have 2 food groups: Meat and Potatoes.







Joby Gorillapod

gorillapodJoby Gorillapod - $19.95

This compact camera tripod has a great gripping ability. It travels well and can be put on almost any surface to take a photo that appears to be taken with a very steady hand. There’s a camera lock ring that is compatible with a wide range of models and the legs are bendable.





Powermat Power Home & Office Mat

powermatPowermat Power Home & Office Mat - $64.99

There are 3 different wireless charging points on this mat for Dad’s to lay their devices on for charging. So Dad will be able to get rid of the plethora of charging wires in his desk drawer.





SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator


SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator - $34.99







BuyiJet NAV Boss V2 Remote

bosswirelessremoteiJet NAV Boss V2 Remote - $29.95

This wireless remote is really good for active Dad’s that want to use their iPod or iPhone without having their treasured Apple devices being vulnerable. The remote is rainproof and comes with a lanyard. So Dad’s can have their device protected while they golf, ride their motorcycle or traditional bike around town. The remote is also compatible with Pandora.





Bluetooth Sliding keyboard case for iPhone

tech-bluetooth-iphone-keyboardBluetooth Sliding keyboard case for iPhone - $29.99

My father is a very technically inclined. But I know even though he’s had his iPhone for years that he still misses pulling out a hidden keyboard and typing on buttons that can be felt. Bluetooth connectivity is an added bonus. Dads love Bluetooth.

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iOS 6 Improvements: A WWDC Recap

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 5:03:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

wwdc2012Yesterday, as you may be aware was the annual WWDC in which Apple unveiled updates and new releases which are so eagerly waited on each year. As some have pointed out, there’s nothing too groundbreaking; the usual tinkers and refinements we’ve come to expect. However, let’s not let the naysayers get the best of us. Yes, your recently purchased Macbook is already rusting with the new Macbook retina display upgrade, yet the flash date updates are impressive and iOS6 is certainly something to get excited about. In this year’s keynote address, Tim Cook lead us through plenty of exciting roll outs to our favorite mobile operating system.

Siri on Steroids

A lot of these upgrades are focused around Siri, integrating the voice assistant application with third party apps, giving it a greater range of control over your device. For example, Siri can now be used for dictation, utilizing voice to text more effectively. Siri will also be more thorough with its assistive functions, reminding you of missed calls and providing more extensive results when prompting the app for information . Siri will be getting more car friendly as well, with the feature Eyes Free, which prevents the screen from locking up. Along with updates to the map application (more to come) your iOS device just became an even more efficient GPS alternative. Also, Siri will now be available with the new iPad.

Some Fun Features

Apart from these Siri improvements, other notable updates include Facebook integration (photos contacts and calenders), FaceTime over your cellular network and photo stream social sharing, which kind of contradicts the Facebook integration huh? A crowd favorite which has been strangely overlooked is a “Do Not Disturb” function which allows users to restrict or limit phone calls and other forms of communication at select hours, allowing you to go “under the radar” so to say.

Apple's Map Application ios6-maps-devices

One of the more shocking announcements has to do with Apple’s decision to do away with Google Maps, establishing their own new Map application. Of such, the finer features include 3D, turn by turn navigation through Siri integration and nearby places, tentatively powered by Yelp. The new map application will also provide real time traffic updates and other alerts. Coupled with the impressive 3D model, this could be a game changer.

For a more thorough run down, click here

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New Product Announcement: The iNAV Boss V2 Remote With 6 Button Controls

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 1:34:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

iJet NAV Boss V2 Black with Lanyard Rain ProofThat’s right! As if the old iJet NAV wasn’t already amazing enough, we decided to make it even better for you. Our new iNAV Boss V2 Remote comes with a 6 button remote control, allowing you access to more features than its predecessors; be it navigating menus, photos, videos and of course music.

Did we mention the 6 button iPod remote is rainproof? Yep! You can now take your iNAV with you anywhere you go - snowboarding, motorcycling in the rain, white water rafting - We know you are an active bunch, which is why we wanted to make the iNAV even more compatible with your adventurous lifestyle. your iNAV will be safe anywhere you take it! So please, feel free to take along your iPods and even iPhones.

Another great feature of the new iNAV is the ability to control your audio through the dock itself, so it won’t change your iPod’s volume settings. It also has a tapered end that plugs into your iPod or iPhone, which does not require your protective case to be removed.

The iNAV Boss V2 Remote will come with a lanyard that can be ring-mounted to the remote and also has a breakaway clip to remove the remote from the lanyard when necessary.

These little babies are officially for sale now and only cost $23.95 (plus tax and shipping), so get them while they’re hot!

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