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Siri's Newest TV Ads Raise Some Interesting Questions

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 5:02:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

SiriKeeping up with their past couple of TV commercials, Apple has released two new iPhone 4 ads featuring affable celebrities (this time John Malkovich) demonstrating idealized uses of the not so perfect Siri application. The first two, one with Samuel L Jackson, the other with Zooey Deschanel each respectively reflect a slice of these celebrities lives through their interactions with Siri, highlighting the application’s features. The ads were both lighthearted and the agenda of course was to tout ways Siri could be used as your own mobile personal assistant. Whether Date Night or a Rainy Day, Siri is there to make life a breeze; be it finding local restaurants, organic markets, clearing your calendar, setting reminders, searching the web or simply playing music.

The first of the new ads, “Life” continues to showcase Siri’s finer features though with a bit of rumination and perhaps a dystopic nod for you science fiction fans out there. Playing off of John Malkovich as John Malkovich, we are shown John comfortably seated while opera music sets the mood. He then prompts Siri with the “question of life” to which Siri responds, “Try and be nice to people. Avoid eating fat. Read a good book every now and then. Get some walking in. And try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.” John reacts with a genuinely humbled response but shortly his voice drifts off to a robotic drone as he thanks Siri for the discussion, indicating that perhaps the line between Siri and user is blurred. Is Siri Siri? or is John Siri? And why is John so eccentric to begin with?



The latter of the new ads “Joke” follows a similar mold as the first two and demonstrate Siri performing simple chores; checking the weather and finding where John can get some Linguica. However, Siri is then prompted by John to tell a joke, a rather poor one but it continues to raise the question of Siri’s purported uses. Just what is Siri and how it could, should, and will be used is still a hot topic in the Apple community. Could Siri entertain and inform? Or is it just a time saving novelty? What do you think?


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BuyiJet's Newest Product Announcement: Remote Control Lanyard

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 3:52:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

BuyiJet LanyardWe are very excited to announce our newest BuyiJet product: Remote Control Lanyards. Our custom made lanyards make for easy neck mounting when used with the Standard or Boss remote controls. The lanyards come in standard black which is a good fit for your iPhone or iPad and include a ring mount and clip for easy detachment.

Our lanyards are also the perfect fit for outdoor activities. Don’t worry about digging through your pockets for your iPhone while hitting the bike trails, or rummaging through your backpack for your iPad while hiking. Even if it’s just a casual walk around the neighborhood, our neck mounted lanyards provide convenient access to your remote control. We hope you’ll enjoy this convenience while enjoying the benefits of this great accessory!

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Watch out for this new iPhone app - Klik

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 3:39:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Klik, iPhone appWith Facebook's recent purchase of Instagram it seems all eyes are on photos, only further supported by Apple iCloud's proposed move toward photo sharing and the new iPhone application Klik. Like those before it, Klik is an image sharing app albeit with the exciting new feature of real time facial recognition. As with most that is "new", Klik is rather a synergy of the two current leaders, Facebook and Instagram. In order for Klik to be used effectively, users must sync the app with their Facebook account as Facebook is used to generate the facial recognition feature. Don't worry about privacy though. Only friends who have installed the app and synced it with their Facebook will be recognized. With the dependency on Facebook and the rather limited use , Klilk may take a while to pick up however Instagram didn't make a billion overnight.

Klik, iPhone appFrom a user standpoint, Klik is a rather friendly application. Upon opening, your iPhone's camera is accessed and as you point at the persons or "faces" you're photographing, you'll see in real time as Klik scans and tags each person. From there, filters can be applied to enhance the image and captions could be added. In finishing, you can choose to share it in Facebook, Twitter, by email or simply publish it to Klik's own social network, which I imagine is rather small at the moment. As the major selling point is the facial recognition, it is unlikely that Klik will trump either Facebook or Instagram. Essentially, Klik improves upon Facebook's photo sharing through this integration by expediting tagging photos and adds a quirky novelty to the photo sharing process. It is quite amazing to see the real time facial recognition and as in Instagram, Klik has its own set of filters to be applied to enhance your picture. Either way, it is an impressive app and could very well be one of the years most popular iphone apps.

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iPhone5 Domain Is Apple's Latest Legal Battle

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 2:00:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

apple-iphone5-domainIt seems that most news surrounding Apple in the past few months has been in relation to their ever growing legal disputes. From patent bouts with opponent mobile corporations like Samsung to the Apple iPad trademark dispute in China, Apple has proven that they'll stand their ground in matters big and small. Regarding small matters, their newest victim is the webmasters behind the domain. The site, a forum for discussion around the anticipated mobile device, has been targeted by Apple who have filled a claim with the World Intellectual Property organization. This isn't the first time Apple has targeted domains with names of their branded products within and it will most likely not be the last. While some may take this as a sign that Apple plans on releasing their next iPhone as the iPhone5, it is likely just another effort to prevent others from infringing on all things Apple both present and future.

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Our New Favorite iPhone App - Cinemagram

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 1:51:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

Cinemagram iPhone App

By now, you have undoubtedly checked out our list of the Top 20 iPhone Apps and started downloading them willy-nilly. Well, we may have spoken just a little too soon. Last week, we downloaded Cinemagram, an app which allows you to “create a stunning hybrid between photo and video”, and we are officially HOOKED. 

When creating a masterpiece with Cinemagram, your options are only as limited as your imagination, as you explore all that this app can do. First, you shoot a short video with some sort of movement or action in it and select which frames of the video you want to use. Next, touch the areas of the screen that you want to animate. For very precise animations, you can zoom in to ensure none of the background is warped in your final product. Finally, you can add vintage/cross processing filters, if you like, and then share your image on Cinemagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are lucky, you may get enough “likes” for your Cinemagram to be featured on the “Popular” feed. 

It couldn’t be any easier to create a whimsical image that’s not quite sure if it’s a video, or a photo, or both. Some of our favorites involve shadows, mirrors, and funny faces. The best thing about this app? It’s FREE, yup, totally free. So, download it and start creating! Have fun!

Cinemagram GIF

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BuyiJet's Newest Product Announcement: iPhone and iPod Chargers

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 4:22:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

iPhone ChargerWe are very excited to announce our newest line of BuyiJet products: our multi-purpose chargers! Our selection of multi-purpose chargers can be used as iPod chargers or iPhone chargers, depending on your needs. All of our chargers come with both micro and mini USB ports (yes, they are actually two different sizes!), so you can charge other devices such as your camera or BlackBerry as well. 

We went out on a limb and decided you wouldn’t want to be sitting around all day waiting for your iPhone or iPod to juice up, right? That’s why we developed our chargers to be high current chargers, which will charge up your batteries super quick. The 6-in-1 multi-purpose charger includes the 30 pin Apple connector, making it compatible with all Apple devices like the iPod, iPhone, iTouch, and Nano - but we don’t discriminate, it will charge your Android devices too! 

Whether you need to charge your device at home, or on the go in your car, boat, or motorcycle, the Buyijet multipurpose chargers will do the trick!

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Have Your “Voice” Heard On NBC's The Voice

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 2:12:44 PM America/Los_Angeles

The VoiceIf you haven’t been watching this season of NBC’s The Voice, perhaps now is the perfect time for you to start tuning in, as you actually have a say in the scoring process now. The show’s format features three stages of competition: the blind audition, the battle phase, and the live performance phase, which is the stage the show is currently in.

During the blind audition stage of the competition, the performers are picked based only on their voice and not on looks. The judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton sit with their backs to the performers and can only turn their chairs around after they have indicated they are impressed with the artist’s voice.

Once the teams are chosen, the battle is on! The coaches are dedicated to helping their team succeed and even share little tidbits on how they achieved their personal success. During the battle, two members of the same team compete against each other, facing off and singing the same song. The coach then has the tough decision of choosing which of his/her team members will advance.

In the live stage show phase, only the strongest members of each coach's team remain. This is where you come in! The television audience gets to vote to save their favorite performers, but ultimately the final decision is left to the coach to decide who they will save.

This week, Teams Adam and Cee Lo had their live performances and Juliet Simms, (Team Cee Lo), blew the judges away with her rendition of The Police’s “Roxanne”. Voting is now closed, but you can show your support for Simms’ awesome voice by purchasing the recording of her performance on iTunes. Voting will start again on Monday, April 16th.

Who was your favorite performer this week? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Now You Can “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too” With a BuyiJet Dock Extender

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 10:53:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

After our awesome post last week all about the Best iPhone 4S Cases, you undoubtedly ran out and purchased a few of the models we mentioned, didn’t you? Which one did you go for - the OtterBox? the Nintendo controller? or the Candy Shell? Well, regardless of which style you chose, you probably forgot to make sure that it was compatible with your home stereo docking system first, huh? That’s ok, we were really excited about the Nintendo controller case too; it happens to the best of us. 

The good news is, you don’t have to give up your awesome new case and you don’t have to buy a new stereo docking system for your iPod or iPhone either! All you need is a simple, yet magical, device better known as the BuyiJet Dock Extender. You can choose between the original iExtend Dock Extender and the iExtend SLIM V2 Dock Extender, which also comes in 6 fun colors. 

The iExtend SLIM is especially great for those of you with iPod Nanos, but it is compatible with all makes and models of the iPhone and iPod. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for compatibility; with BuyiJet, you can have it all!

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Best iPhone 4S Cases

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:30:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

Nintendo iPhone CaseOne of the most important iPhone accessories you will buy for your iPhone is its case. You want something that is durable, but not bulky, is compatible with your Buyijet extenders and remotes, and, of course, looks snazzy. Here is a short list with some of our favorite iPhone cases

OtterBox - This company is awesome because they specifically dedicate their products “to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle”. We don’t know about you, but we can definitely relate to that! The original line of OtterBox cases are waterproof, much like an otter’s fur. And best of all, OtterBox cases are compatible with your iExtend Slim dock extender! OtterBox cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S range anywhere from $14.95 to $59.95. 

“Retro Cases” - We mentioned snazzy earlier, didn’t we? One of our favorite growing trends in the iPhone case world right now is the retro case trend. These cases are made to look like old school, original Nintendo controllers or cassette tapes. People will do a double take when they see you holding one up to your ear. (There is even one that is made to look like the early cell phone models of the ‘80s - huge and bulky - though we don’t think all that extra plastic will be compatible with most of your iPhone accessories.) Besides looking awesome, this cases are also awesomely affordable, ranging from $10 to $19.99.

Candy Shell - These scratch-proof, shock-proof cases act as a wallet and iPhone case in one. The built-in slots are perfect for storing cash, credit cards, and ID’s inconspicuously. Great when you don’t want to carry a bunch of stuff in your pockets while you are working out at the gym. Prices range from $28.95-$39.99. 

Do you have a favorite case that should have made our top three list? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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Top 20 iPhone Apps

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:36:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

Instagram iPhone AppCongratulations! You finally took the plunge and committed to getting the iPhone 4S. Now, comes the fun part of learning all the awesome ways you can use it. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of our top 20 favorite apps for your iPhone! Happy apping! (Of course, we are assuming that you already downloaded Facebook and Twitter, both of which are free, so we won’t include these social networks on our list.) 

1. Foursquare - (Free) Sure, you are already checking in to places using Facebook, but did you know that if you check into places on Foursquare, you might be rewarded? You can earn discounts to business where you are a regular, or search whatever is nearby in hopes of finding a deal for first-time customers. 

2. Hootsuite - (Free) Since you are most likely already using Twitter and Facebook, you should also check out Hootsuite, a social media aggregation app, which allows you to manage up to five profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc, in one central place. 

3. WhatsApp Messenger - (99 cents) This cross-platform smartphone messenger uses Wi-Fi when available to deliver messages and uses push notifications to alert you to incoming messages. This is a great tool to use when communicating with people in other countries! 

4. Yelp - (Free) Yelp is not only the most comprehensive review app, but also a great way to find nearby businesses, restaurants, etc. Sometimes you can get rewarded for using Yelp to check into places, too, just like on Foursquare! 

5. Angry Birds - (99 cents) Even if you just bought your iPhone, you have undoubtedly heard of Angry Birds before, right? You literally fling little birds across the screen at fortresses created by evil pigs. It may sound juvenile, but believe us, you will get addicted. 

6. Draw Something - (99 cents) Though this game is not as well-known as Angry Birds, it is bound to be. This mobile version of pictionary allows you to watch as your opponent draws a picture and you guess what it is based on the letters provided to you. Watching your friends scrap their drawings to start over is half the fun.

7. Words With Friends - ($2.99) This classic spin on Scrabble will keep you entertained for hours. It’s simple, yet very competitive, so keep an eye out for those TL (triple letter) squares! 

8. Hipstamatic - (99 cents) This camera app lets you digitally apply filter and lens effects to give your photos that “analog” look from the ‘60s and ‘70s. You can turn your ordinary photos into something extraordinary with the click of a button. 

9. Diptic - (99 cents) With Diptic, you are able to combine multiple photos into a photo collage and add photo effects as well. 

10. Instagram - (Free) A light photo editing and sharing app. The filters are fun and make for awesome photo effects, but you will find yourself checking your Instagram feed almost as often as you check your Facebook page. 

11. Dinner Spinner Pro - ($2.99) If you are looking for what to cook tonight, this recipe app is filled with user-uploaded content and ratings. The downside? it doesn’t include how much time the recipe requires.

12. Amazon Mobile - (Free) Amazon sells anything and everything you could ever need, and with the mobile app, you can buy on the go! The app even comes with a barcode scanner and photo tool, so you can snap a picture or scan the barcode to check if Amazon sells it for less. 

13. Ebay - (Free) Now you can shop, bid, buy, and sell anywhere you go. You will be instantly alerted whenever someone outbids you or when your auctions are ending. 

14. Groupon - (Free) Don’t miss the deals that pop up on Groupon all the time by not having access to your computer! This app lets you take advantage of deals, and cash them in as well, so you never have to print any paper vouchers or coupons! Score!

15. Pinterest - (Free) If you aren’t already addicted to this virtual pinboard, we guarantee you will be once you start! Pinterest is a great way not only to bookmark sites for later, but also for virtual window shopping! Snap photos while you are out and about and pin them to your boards to remind you to buy those great jeans later on! 

16. Pandora - (Free) Looking for a personal DJ? Well, Pandora is pretty darned close. This personalized radio app allows you to tell it what you like, and will then try to suggest more songs, artists, and composers that are similar. 

17. Slacker - (Free) Very similar to Pandora, yet seems to perform just slightly better. You will enjoy the same amazing service from the online version on your iPhone as well. 

18. Hulu Plus - (Free, yet requires subscription to Hulu Plus) This app provides excellent video performance over both 3G and Wi-Fi connections, however, we must mention that there are quite a few holes in their episode catalogs, and you still have to watch an occasional commercial even with the subscription fee. 

19. Netflix - (Free, yet requires membership starting at $7.99 per month) You can now watch your Netflix movies anywhere you go. You also have the ability to rate movies from your smartphone, but you cannot manage your DVD que, unfortunately. 

20. StumbleUpon - (Free) If you aren’t already using the non-mobile version of StumbleUpon, you have no idea what you are missing out on! This site helps you to explore your interested across the Web and find sites and pages you might not have found otherwise. 

*Please note: this list of top iPhone apps is in no particular order. Also, we would love to hear if you think we left some important apps off the list! Let us know in the comments section below!


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