FAQ's - iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock.


How do I hook up my iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock to my iPod so that I can play it through my car stereo?


The iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock is a stand-alone RF remote and not an FM Transmitter. The only way the iJet can control your music inside you car is if you are using it with an FM Transmitter or in car pre-installed audio 30 pin hookup. You can then interface (depending on FM transmitter) the iJet in between the iPod and the FM transmitter or the pre-intstalled cable to give you wireless control of advance track, back track, pause, play and power down. *Audio levels must be controlled through the radio itself.


My iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock is not communicating with the receiver?


Every so often we hear of a unit not responding. If you experience this just follow these simple steps to “re-learn” the remote to the receiver. (Does not apply to iJet Nav Pro, see manual)

  1. 1.) Turn your iPod on
  2. 2.) Attach the 30-pin receiver to the bottom of your iPod
  3. 3.) Take your remote and hold all four (4) outside buttons down at the same time for approximately 2 to 3 seconds. (The four “outside buttons” are Volume UP, Volume Down, Track Forward and Track Back.).
  4. 4.) Press pause/play (center button).

You should be back up and functioning. If the remote did not relearn then repeat the process.

Note * Be sure to perform steps 2 & 3 within approximately 10 seconds, as these first few seconds are when the two pieces begin to communicate with each other and can be retrained easily.


Lighting Adapter


There are two versions of the lighting adapter. Our product will work with the version made for serial communications with the iPod/iPhone/iPad. Be sure to purchase this version not the one just the charge and connect to iTunes.


Blue Tooth connection process:


Here is what you need to do. This may vary depending on OS6 versions.

  1. 1.) Plug in the iNav dock.
  2. 2.) Switch on the Blue Tooth device and wait for it to connect.
  3. 3.) Open the “Music” app on the Apple device.
  4. 4.) Tap on the small orange Blue Tooth iCon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. 5.) From there a pop-up menu will come up.6.) Select your Blue Tooth device as the required audio device.
  6. FAQ 5

    Audio Head Set connection process:


    Easy solution that is on the back of the manual you received. First try removing the headset jack then plugging it back in. This should re-route the audio to the headset jack.

    If you ever plug the iNav dock into a dock station then you will want audio out the bottom of the iNav dock. That is how it is configured until you unplug and plug in audio.

    This is the procedure for Headset use if above does not work:

  7. 1.) Make sure the unit is powered on, the iTouch or iPhone or iPad.
  8. 2.) The first plug the iJet iNav dock into the accessory port and wait 3 seconds.
  9. 3.) Then plug in the headset connection into the 3.5mm audio jack.
  10. The audio should now work out the 3.5mm headset jack connection. This is the way the Apply product is designed to work.

    If you have a iPhone 5 then when you plug in the headset and icon will appear in the lower right corner. You must reroute the audio via that icon.

    FAQ 6

    Newer versions Apple products with Audio issue. (Nano 7, etc.)


    After you plug in the headset there will be a little tiny image of a speaker in the lower right hand side of the screen. You have to tap that and choose "iPod" and not the "Dock Connector". This will reroute the audio to your selected output.

    FAQ 7

    Will my iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock control my friends iPod if they are using an iJet too?


    No. Each iJet has its own individually signal ID which allows it to communicate with it’s own receiver. However, if you are a person who likes to have multiple remotes then you can “re-train” up to 7 remotes to communicate with the same receiver base. This comes in handy when a person loses the iJet remote, but still has the receiver. We can help you replace the remote and simply re-train the new unit with your existing receiver.

    FAQ 8

    Will the iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock work with any MP3 player?


    The iJet Wireless RF Remote with Bottom Dock is designed for the Apply product only (iPod, iPhone, Touch, Nano, Classic only).

    FAQ 9

    How do you replace the batteries in the remote


    At the lower left corner of the remote, you will see a slot to place a coin. Using a quarter, insert the edge into the slot and turn the coin in either direction until you see the two sections unsnap.  Be careful not to let the quarter press down on the circuit board.

  11. Once the face is removed you will see a small Phillips screw near the middle of the circuit board. Using the correct sized driver (screw head can become mis-shaped if incorrect driver is used) CAREFULLY turn the screw counterclockwise. There are several small components on the board, so please be careful not to damage any components.

  12. Once the screw is removed CAREFULLY remove the circuit board. You will see two small coin sized 3 Volt Lithium batteries (Model # CR2025). Replace each battery making sure that the top battery is facing positive side up (+), and the bottom battery is facing negative (-) side up. Once batteries are replaced, follow steps in reverse to close unit.