Jet Nav Standard Belt Clip for Samsung Androids (BCB)

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Control your music and media on your Samsung Android Phone, Tablet or Pad or iTunes on your PC from up to 150 ft away. This version of the Jet NAVigator series features the 5 button remote control, and includes:

  • 5 button Wireless Remote Control
  • Receiver Dock with USB 2.0
  • USB 2.0 to USB Micro B adapter
  • Bottom USB Micro B port for Android charging
  • Belt Clip set with two different belt loops
  • Audio cable for home stereo hookup
  • Long Lasting Remote Control Battery Included
  • Manual

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The NAV dock with Jet Wireless Remote is the first generation remote built for:

Samsung Android Cell Phones, Tablets and Pads

The wireless remote control is real RF so it goes through walls and windows. Prevent theft and sun damage while retaining control of your music. Simply plug in the Nav receiver dock and keep your Jet remote in your pocket, store it in your backpack or trunk, or hide it in the glove compartment, saddlebag or use it by the pool. Purchase our 6 to 12 volt dc charger for us on your motorcycle power systems keeps your android equipment safe and charged up in your saddlebag. Then connect the Android device via its bluetooth to your helmet speaker and be true wireless. The receiver module mounts on and is powered by the android device's bottom dock connector. A small handheld remote control with real buttons, not membrane buttons, has commands to adjust volume, next song, previous song, and play/pause. Remove the USB 2.0 to USB Micro B adapter then plug the Nav receiver into your PC USB port and now control iTunes music wirelessly. Great for song control will learning to play that new music track.


  • 150 ft RF Range
  • Bottom port pass-through allows charging while iJet iNav is connected
  • Water Resistant Remote
  • Signal travels around corners and through walls
  • 5 Function Remote
  • Universal Audio Cable for Home Stereo Hook Up
  • Adjust volume up and down, Play/Pause, Next and Previous song.
  • Long lasting Replaceable Remote Control Batteries CR2025

This Jet NAV is compatible with:

  • Samsung Phones all versions.
  • Samsung Tablets all generations
  • Samsung Pads all generations


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