Multi Purpose Charger

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Charge multiple devices across all brands with this 6-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Charger. Includes 30 pin Apple connector, Micro-USB and Mini-USB to power multiple devices such as iPhones and Androids.

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Mulit-Purpose 6-IN-1 Charger

Charges iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Nanos, Android Phone, BlackBerry or Digital Cameras.

With its 100-240v AC outlet and its 12v DC car charger, the 6-IN-1 charger allows you to power your device in the car, boat, motorcycle or just around the home. 
Rather than offering just a simple data sync cable, the charger is accompanied by a USB hub which supports Apple iDevices, mini-usb and micro-usb connections.


  • Input: 12vDC/100-240vAC 60/50Hz
  • Output: 5vDC 1000mA

Also order one of our wireless remote controls which work inline with the charger to your Apple product and add easy remote control of songs (Pause/Play, Power up/down, Next song/Previous song, Fast forward/Fast rewind, Volume up/down, Shuffle on/off, and iPod Menu NAVigation). See our iJet Nav remotes for several remote control styles.


  • Multi-purpose charger (Maximum charge rate 1 amp per hour)
  • Multi-Type Connector head (Apple 30 pin/USB Mini/USB Micro)
  • Fuse Holder in charger unit
  • 2 amp fuse
  • 3 feet Power cable



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