iJet iNAV Boss V2 Wireless Remote with Lanyard

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Control your music and media on your iPod, iPhone, iTouch or iPad from up to 150 ft away! Large buttons are great for use when wearing gloves.

This version of the iJet iNAVigator series features the 6 button remote control with dedicated navigation button. Our FCC/CE approved RF Technology passes through walls, windows, doors and...

  • Rain Proof Wireless Remote Control (6 Button)
  • iJet iNAV Receiver Dock (tapered to fit with cases)
  • Pass-through technology allowing chargers and... ...docking stations to work while iJet iNAV is connected
  • Lanyard with easy release and safety clip
  • Audio cable for home stereo hookup
  • Right angle 3.5mm audio tight fit connector
  • Remote Control Battery Included/Replaceable
  • Manual

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Our iJet iNAV Boss V2 Wireless Remote is perfect for motorcyclists, stage performers or anyone on the go!

This 6 button remote with dock connector allows you to enjoy your music or videos on your Apple device from across the room. Great for stage performers like magicians or comedians who need to cue music without carrying the iPod or device. It also comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck during sports or water activities like rafting! A quick release makes it easy to snap on and off.

The iJet iNAV dock mounts on the bottom through the 30 pin dock connector and is powered by the Apple device. A small handheld remote control with REAL buttons, not membrane buttons, has commands to Navigate on/off, adjust volume up/down, Next Song, Previous Song, Fast Forward/Rewind track, Play/Pause, Stop Playback and Power up/down.


  • 150 ft RF Range
  • Patented pass-through technology allows chargers and docking stations to work while iJet iNAV is connected
  • Water Resistant Remote makes it rain proof
  • Signal travels around corners and through walls
  • 12 Function Remote
  • Universal Audio Cable for Home Stereo Hook Up
  • Adjust volume, Forward/Rewind track, Play/Pause and Stop playback.
  • NAVigate menus, control pictures/videos on your iPod, iPhone, iPad with the iJet iNAV Wireless Remote
  • Long lasting Replaceable Remote Control Batteries CR2025.
  • Works with Pandora

iJet iNAV is compatible with:

  • iPod Nano (all gens)
  • iTouch (all gens)
  • iPhone 5 (Lightning-to-30-pin adapter needed)
  • iPhone 4, 3 (No Lightning adaptor needed)
  • iPad (all gens)
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Mini
  • iPod Photo
  • iPod Video
  • iPod 3G
  • iPod 4G
  • iPod 5G
  • iPod 6G
NAV is short for NAVigator version software Note: The iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Mini or iPad 4 needs Lightning-to-30-pin adapter to work with our products.The Lightning adapter has been tested and all functions of the iJet products will work. (Lighting adapter not Included). There are two versions of the lighting adapter so be sure to get the version made to work with docking stations. Not the one just for charging and connection to iTunes.


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